Crowdfunded Movie `Now Forager: A film about Love & Fungi´ scores at IFFR

Now, Forager: A film about Love & Fungi

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In the tradition of earlier showed food films at the the IFFR (Eden, Estamago, etc.) and in the context of the slow food movement, a  beautiful  food film from Jason Cortland  and Julia Halperin premiered at the IFFR. Its about a couple who earns their living by picking edible mushrooms in the woods around New York, and sell them then to New York restaurants. Many beautiful pictures of cooking sessions, quiet and beautiful nature images, especially with all kinds of mushrooms and their Latin names, which contrast with the images of a hectic New York and the difficult relationship of the couple, played by Jason and Tiffany Esteben Cortland. The man is a real “hardliner”, and will not compromise on their lifestyle, he also knows a lot of mushrooms, and feels a mission to carry this out, the woman wants more (financial) stability. If the woman gets a job-offer in one of the restaurants where they sell mushrooms to, it seems that its a wonderful opportunity that she seize. You see the couple slide further apart. The film raises some melancholy feeling and you get a taste for funghi! This film was also funded by crowd funding. Which is a great way for an indepent movie to be made because of the total freedom of the filmmakers and in this case it also lead to a great film
Highly recommended, the film made it tot the top 10 of the IFFR!


Christine Laurent’s biopic about the life of the poet, Uruguayan Delmira Agustini who died young. She is considered one of the greatest female poets of Latin America. She lived from 1886 to 1914 and came in a mysterious manner to her end. Her life had two passions, being in love and poetry. She had been writing poetry since she was 10 and has a total of four volumes published with mostly erotic poetry. Delmira, played by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, is a daughter of Italian immigrants and grew up spoiled and unworldly in a bourgeois environment protected. Her love life is playful and self-centered, she plays a cat and mouse game with everything man that comes from far. Eventually she marries one of them Reys, played by Marc Ruchmann, what ultimately proves to be fatal. Or not? Delmira is unbearable and at times hysterical, but the film Demain? has a beautiful setting and costumes and decorate an intriguing end … The IFFR iger has nevertheless enjoyed it. 4 of 5. PS Click here to see some of here poetry.


The IFFR Tiger

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